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There are thousands of alternative digital cryptoassets out there. In short, they are called altcoins or alts. If you are reading MyAltcoins, you must have already heard of them. They can be versatile, very volatile, efficient and then again just as inefficient. Since there is a lot of them, they differ a lot and have various models, usage and functions. This category contains a lot of information about various altcoins. We will try to dive into their roots and present our findings in an easy to grasp manner. Some of the things we cover include:

  • Consensus and governance models,
  • Stories behind the projects,
  • Problems they solve,
  • Team behind them,
  • Their roadmap,
  • Social activity and more as we see fit.

Furthermore, while analyzing and writing about altcoins, we will try to remain as objective as possible. Given the fact that we have exposure to many of them. Also, we won’t shill any altcoins. We will try to stay true and review projects as they are as much as we can. Only coins with a solid potential that we find interesting will get our attention.



Crypto is a big, scary place for beginners. Learning about it is an everyday experience. Our first days in crypto were challenging but now only a fond memory. So much information all at once. It felt as if we were learning a lot every day but not knowing much at the end of the day. Yet, today is a completely different matter. Also, it’s one of the reasons why MyAltcoins blog was born. To help beginners who are still lost and unsure how to proceed. Given so, we will provide content which will explain some of the more frequent terms in crypto. Such as:

  • How to buy Bitcoin and altcoins,
  • Practical use of cryptocurrencies,
  • Where to look for quality information,
  • How to keep your cryptocurrencies safe,
  • Glossary of common expressions and more.

Also, we will post tutorials and how-to guides for various crypto topics. You should keep in mind crypto is a place in which you need to learn something new every day, no matter how much experience you have. So buckle up and let’s learn together.


There are already a lot of projects in crypto and new ones are popping up daily. Many times it is hard to determine which are worthy of your attention, which are copy cats and most importantly, which are just plain scams. So, our reviews come in to save the day and make it easier. We will try to objectively cover topics to show which projects have perspective. Some of the fields we will cover are:

  • Best hardware & software wallets,
  • Crypto exchanges,
  • Convenient crypto tools,
  • New crypto tech and many more.

Furthermore, it is hard to find a trustworthy source. This is why reviews you find on MyAltcoins will be as transparent as possible, containing positive and negative sides of the project. Projects we review are the ones we find interesting and promising. In this crypto world full of people promising unimaginable returns and all sorts of fairy tales. We will always strive to stay honest and review projects as they are.


The last (but certainly not the least) category you can find on MyAltcoins is mining. Mining is probably one of our favorite aspects of blockchain technology. It includes two operations: adding transactions to the blockchain (i.e. securing and verifying) and releasing new coins as a reward for the lucky miner that solved the block. Moreover, when we talk about mining in our posts we will mostly cover:

  • Mining softwares,
  • How to mine specific PoW coin,
  • CPU & GPU mining,
  • Spec mining,
  • Mining equipment and more.

Sometimes it is hard to start mining, even for people who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Trying to start a miner for a coin that isn’t as popular can often be a little tricky. So, this category can help you with grasping basic and advanced forms of cryptocurrency mining. Needless to say, mining can give you great pleasure - when you finally see fruits of the mined blocks safely tucked in your wallet.

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