Practical Use Of Blockchain Technology

A lot of people are very pessimistic and skeptic about blockchain being the new technology we all want and need. These people only see crypto as a bunch of virtual 0s and 1s that can’t be used as real money or currency for exchange of goods. They probably don’t see beyond their own profit and don’t really care about crypto, only about their own portfolio. (Might I add, they are probably to blame for this bear market we’re in.) However, I’m very happy to be a part of a system where I use blockchain technology daily. I’m not talking about my trading, mining or taking part in ICOs and such, but about a regular day job.

What do I actually do

I have a part-time job. It’s basically a gaming arena. We have a bunch of PCs and a couple of PlayStations. Concept is very simple, people go there to play games, relax, have fun and are charged by the time spent online playing games. They tell us how much time they want to stay, pay a certain amount of fiat on their account and play. But the money they deposited on their account doesn’t stay in fiat. It is automatically transferred into a specific cryptocurrency, which was made only for this gaming arena. Here we have a very small, but useful way of adopting crypto. I am pretty sure most of our users aren’t even aware this is blockchain technology but it makes all of these transactions and the way arena functions a lot more enjoyable. The more a certain person plays, the less coins they spend. Additionally, our users can download the official app, get some bonus coins and see if they have a certain discount thanks to some achievements. Not to mention, these transactions are instant and take less than a second.

Benefits for people in crypto

Of course, people who are familiar with blockchain and its concept have a great advantage here. This coin is actually based on proof of work consensus mechanism. If someone is able to mine the currency, they are able to play for free in our arena. We hold various tournaments and plenty of LAN parties that offer rewards in form of coins and various merchandise. This is why people who own a PC might want to leave comfort of their home and come play in our arena. Also, people can buy this specific coin directly through our blockchain developers, add the funds to their account and get 20% more bonus as an encouragement to be more in touch with crypto.

As a person who is in cryptospace, it makes me tremendously happy to have a job that uses cryptocurrency in such an elegant and accessible way. Yes, blockchain technology is far from being simple and user friendly in its current state. But here we see it in another light – clean and straightforward, for everyone to use without having to be an expert. Also, this shows all the skeptics that crypto doesn’t have uncertain and dubious future. It is happening now and we’re lucky enough to witness the beginning of a completely new industry. Sit tight and make the most of it.

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