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Finding useful information on crypto can be a challenge in the beginning. Soon people realize how social media is a form of a blessing and a course in this particular case. Yes, there are a lots of articles in the crypto world, but you can never be too sure if the leaders of a particular project paid for such a positive review or the portals itself are a part of promoting the newest scam. This is why people turn to various forums, social media platforms like Twitter, and various other sites, where a vast number of people write somewhat unbiasedly. They don’t just write facts, they discuss, make you think and help you find red flags in various projects and maybe help save the state of your portfolio. The most popular and useful ones are (in no particular order): Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Bitcointalk and others. It is usually already a site with a lot of people posting about numerous other topics, but they also have a considerable crypto community. We will focus on Twitter in this article.

Crypto space on Twitter is probably the most vibrant crypto community alongside the Discord chat groups. We find it to be one of the most reliable sources for finding good calls and useful tips. It can be tough to find your way around all that information chaos and get to the solid tips and information since each minute countless tweets are being posted spreading misinformation, trolling each other, shilling various altcoins, etc. But fear not, this article will dive into some of the best twitter OG’s you can follow and get your daily dose of crypto content.

General Crypto Content

@aantonop – The most influential blockchain expert, follow and learn from him as much as you can, his talks and videos are a must for anyone serious about crypto.
@lopp – Another extremely experienced Bitcoin expert. Follow him for a daily stream of interesting thoughts and insights.
@VitalikButerin – Ethereum co-founder, one of the most respected developers in the crypto community.
@SatoshiLiteThe creator of Litecoin (LTC), he sold the very top of the last bull market, enough said.
@notsofast – One of the more respected crypto personas. He is MonetaryUnit (MUE) team member and Honeyminer advisor among his other roles. Follow him for interesting insights and mining tips.
@cryptodemedici – Provides unique theories which are not just about crypto but life in general. His style is pretty arrogant and he likes to post ambiguous tweets to weed out “noob followers”. Interesting guy but not for everyone.

TA Preachers

@cryptoyoda – Old timer focused on providing detailed technical analysis about general market direction. He has a massive following behind him, almost 220k.
@Crypto_Core – Self proclaimed crypto whale, day trader, posts detailed free analysis on TradingView, follow him for solid trading calls.
@CryptoDonAlt – Solid crypto trader, posts his trades publicly. His charts are detailed and easy to follow, seems to be consistently on the profitable side.
@CryptoCred – A good price action trader, shares a wealth of free educational content. He started a paid newsletter with DonAlt.
@cryptomarsx – Proved to be pretty good trader so far, has a good eye for identifying market conditions and acting accordingly. Shorted the market successfully at the right spot many times during the bear market.
@bbands – John Bollinger, the inventor of Bollinger bands – TA legend, follow him for infrequent trading opinions.
@AngeloBTC – Master Bitmex trader, a real whale, was at the top of Bitmex leaderboard for a long time, too bad he doesn’t tweet much.

Lowcap Altcoins

@cryptorangutang – He wrote a solid book on trading, provides good altcoins calls and TA analysis, good all arounder with a focus on altcoins.
@cryptic_monk – Absorb the wisdom of his long Twitter threads or even better try to find his posts in various Discord groups and enjoy the vast experience of the Monk.
@Shower – Master GitHub crawler, like AI but human, he finds new projects before anyone else. The man who found Nyzo first.
@needacoin – Altcoin maximalist, he keeps dollar cost averaging down till the bottom is found. Focuses on spreading his eggs in many baskets, and when we say many we mean that. He probably has 100+ altcoin bags. Many of which will go to zero, but all he needs is a few winners to make serious money.
@bitcoindad – Full time trader, provides solid mining and altcoin calls. Too bad he doesn’t post his trades publicly.
@SecretsOfCrypto – Altcoin legend, buying the bottoms retired him long time ago, doesn’t post much anymore unfortunately.

Crypto Girls

@missnatoshi – Miner, trader and hodler. She does it while wearing a red dresses and high heels, how appropriate for the bear market we are experiencing for the past months. Follow for her altcoin calls, she does find real gems from time to time.
@CryptoVanessa – Full time hodler and Strawberry lover, tweet quality is not the best but she is pretty popular, 26k followers.
@CryptoTaxGirl – Follow her for all tax related info, focused on US regulations.
@brennasparksxxx – And lastly we bring you the Spankchain advisor as a treat for all of the pervs reading this 🙂

This list is by no means complete, we have missed many other notable Twitter guru’s, this is just a compilation of people we have found to be solid regardless of market condition and are worth following. As always, suggestions are welcome.

MyAltcoins team,
Ana & Petar

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