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Staying in the loop with all that is happening can be a bit rough on your own. This is why, like in any other field, crypto has a lot of communities. There are a lot of Telegram groups, Discord servers, and various crypto forums. Some are public, while others are private or paid groups. Even though Discord is primarily a platform for gamers, because of its multi practical design and efficient organization, it is great for crypto purposes. Most altcoins have communities led by developers and core teams, and it is a great place to ask any question and stay in the loop with your favorite currency. But crypto Discords go beyond that. There are a lot of communities that are managed by people passionate about crypto, altcoins, mining, and everything this vast space has to offer. In this post, we bring a list of our favorite crypto Discords that everyone can join.


A little disclaimer before we go into the crypto Discords list. These communities aren’t going to spoon feed anything to the people who decide to join. These are not places from which you can expect to get information without contributing anything by yourself. These are places to discuss, learn, give, and get diverse info and opinions. If you just want clues and data without strengthening the community by taking part in it and giving back, find a paid group. Most will serve you some pump and dump shills, from which you won’t actually profit or learn much in the long run. Most of these servers have a hidden section you have to deserve to get in anyway. This is also where you can find the most quality material about crypto. But the main accent is on deserving it. If you’re a bit shy and don’t know where to start, try lurking a bit to get a feel how a specific community breathes. Then, slowly work your way to becoming an active community member. Good luck!

Crypto Jungle

Crypto Jungle is a Discord server led by DYORangutang, a crypto player known to the majority of people who are into altcoins. He even published a book about trading cryptocurrencies. Recently, Jungle has been revamped and restructured as the bear market got the best out of it and activity faded. This time the focus is on building and expanding the community at a slow but steady pace — quality over quantity. Our recommendation is to read the rules and follow them because there is no funny business here when it comes to moonboys. We already accented in the disclaimer section, people who are just asking for good targets/entries or pump & dump info will probably have a short stay. As users post, others rate their content with a funny but very effective system. Good posters get bananas, and bad get potatoes. Too many potatoes and you’re out! Same goes for the inactive people, who get removed on a monthly basis. Jungle is a community which is trying to assemble a base of people who are willing to contribute and build a strong, quality Discord.
Structure of the Crypto Jungle is pretty clean & clear, every interesting topic has its own channel in which you can post your thoughts. Most popular channels are #altcoins and #microcaps, even though the entire charts category gets busy at times.


Architects is a crypto community led by Showerhead. Showerhead has a good eye for under the radar gems and manages to find them early, before anyone else. This Discord server is not for the faint hearted, and if you ever talked to Shower for a bit, you get a clear picture why. He is pretty direct and doesn’t mince his words. Architects Discord server is quick paced since there is a #shitposting channel which is active almost non-stop. People who are there for a while know each other pretty well and like to talk about every topic, not just crypto. And we really mean every topic you can think of.
This server has a lot of channels, and it is nicely divided to get around. You can find channels for various crypto topics as well as those connected to some other fields such as gaming, pets, food, and many others. Another amusing detail – Architects have interesting roles, it’s one of the first things you can notice. Inactive people who don’t take part in anything, not even general chit-chat get kicked after a while. While this server is not for everyone, there are a lot of crypto celebrities who regularly visit and participate in discussions such as Cred, DonAlt, Loomdart, Bella, Cryptofungus, and others. Another thing to mention is that people gather in voice chat almost daily, which is really rare for crypto Discords.

Proof of Walken

Proof of Walken is a Discord server led by Crypto Christopher Walken. He is mostly known to the crypto community because of his great knowledge and enthusiasm about mining and everything that concerns it. Because of this, Proof of Walken is a public server dedicated to mining. It has a big range of channels which are dedicated to various mining technology and brands, suggestions for which coins to mine, algorithms, OS’s and other miscellaneous.
There are sections for advanced users who know their way around PoW coins. However, there are also sections dedicated to beginners who are still trying to figure out how things are done. You are welcome to ask questions but beware, nobody is going to spoon-feed you things which are a couple of Google searches away. Generally, spoon-feeding is a meme in Proof of Walken, but there are always kind souls who are willing to help out and answer questions, even privately.

Crypto Cartel

Crypto Cartel is a Discord server with over 16,000 members. It was created by Flood, a well-known crypto trader. He is still active, but the server is managed by more people. Crypto Cartel has a big category with many crypto-related channels. However, in our humble opinion, it could use a little more structure. Still, it is relatively easy to get around, and there is a usual range of crypto channels connected to altcoins, exchanges, trading, and some sections dedicated to learning. We were kind of surprised not to see a channel dedicated only to mining since it is such a big part of crypto. They focus more on the trading game.
Cartel focusing more on trading leads to one thing we noticed only here and not in other crypto Discords. They have a competition section, and competition is ongoing right now. It started on May 1st, and it will last till the end of June. The winner of the competition is the person who has the highest ROE percent after two months. You can read more about the competition in the section dedicated to it. We believe this is an excellent motivator to take part in this specific Discord and to improve your trading game.

Bitcoin Masons

Bitcoin Masons is a year old Discord server created and managed by Nick Core and a few other people. One of them is Josh McGruff, ex-CEO of Dogecoin. This server has been around for a while and managed to survive the big bear of 2018. Even though their activity has decreased during some period, with the new bull trend it is increasing again. Masons have a nice #introduction channel which clearly explains their rules and structure. Along with the general chat channel, there are sections dedicated to charting and TA, news and most channels are dedicated to education.
If you are a beginner in crypto, this server is perfect because there is a lot of content for people just getting into trading and TA. Masons go a step further. They also share content dedicated to the psychology of money, trading, and various experiences they collected in years of being in the crypto market.


We picked our favorite crypto Discords and the ones which we have been a part of for a while. Of course, there are a lot more public Discord crypto servers and probably even more private ones! What we learned by being active in these servers is that the crypto community is really helpful. On a daily basis, you can see various questions being answered and people helping each other. In crypto communities, sharing is caring. Sure, you can run into scammers, but they are easily recognized and called out. In the end, after you filter out moonboys, scammers and spammers, you get communities full of people devoted to the wonderful world of blockchain.

MyAltcoins team,
Ana & Petar

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