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This article will serve as a comprehensive list of cryptoasset research tools and analysis resources. We use many of these tools and resources on a daily basis. You could even say that some of these websites were used as our homepage at one moment. As you might already know, we are very keen on education and we believe it is the key to understanding and fully grasping crypto world. Ultimately, education is the key to change we all want.
This list ended up being quite long even though we did our best to trim it down to only the best tools available. The list is split into multiple categories and should be easy to navigate. Sit back and enjoy the read. You’ll probably find some familiar and many other unfamiliar names.

Table of contents

Market Cap Lists
Various Statistics
• Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin Block Explorers
    • Bitcoin Fees And Mempool
    • Ethereum (Block) Explorers
    • Ethereum dApp Trackers

Market Cap Lists

  • CoinMarketCap – The most popular crypto aggregation website. Also, probably the first page many crypto enthusiasts open during their morning coffee. There are many alternatives but CMC is still the king.
  • Coinpaprika – Nice CMC alternative with additional features and expanded statistics.
  • OnChainFX – Very detailed cryptoasset ranking site with dozens of sorting options. Many of them provide useful insights. There is also an option to sorts coins by the market cap they will have in year 2050 which provides better investment outlook.
  • CoinGecko – Detailed development (github) statistics and social media numbers are the main selling points of this aggregation website. They have algorithms that automatically score and sort every cryptoasset. Gecko has a much larger coin selection, double the amount CMC has.
  • Coincheckup – Provides automatic analysis based on their custom algorithms similar to CoinGecko but is a bit less detailed in some aspects. Registration is required for some features.
  • Bitscreener – Another site similar to CMC but with candlestick charts.
  • Live Coin Watch – Mimics and provides similar statistics as CMC but has listed many more recently released lower cap coins.
  • Nomics – Simple aggregator with a focus on price statistics and a free API.


  • CoinMarketCal – Crypto events calendar. Everyone can submit an event and receive potential tips for good reports. Community judges event legitimacy and votes accordingly.
  • CryptoCalendar – Nice calendar designed for people who like to scroll a lot – there are no sorting options. It has solid number of events.
  • Coindar – Yet another crypto calendar. It has nice interface and seems to be actively updated. 13 events have been added in the past 24 hours.
  • CryptoPanic – News aggregation HUB – watch news as they happen. It has nice, dark UI which makes it a great homepage for newsaholics.
  • Cryptowatch – Nice website to put on your second monitor if you want to keep an eye on crypto prices at all times. Plus, it looks cool.
  • Masternodes Online – Masternode details and statistics for various coins.


  • – A must read for newcomers, make sure to read it from top to bottom. Contains a lot of useful information and is a great starting point for dipping your toes into crypto world.
  • Bitcoin Wiki – Crypto Wikipedia. Explains mainy technical terms you might be confused about at first. Homepage also serves as a good introduction to crypto world.
  • Bitcoin whitepaper – A must read for any crypto enthusiast. Print this and read it a couple of times until it sinks in. Use it as a role model when looking into other coins.
  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos videos – Educational videos from sir Andreas – one of the nicest and most knowledgeable people in the crypto space. The only thing that he needs to work on is improving the video quality.
  • Lopp resources – A real information gold mine. Beware, hours will pass like minutes once you open it and drop down the rabbit hole. One of the best bookmarks you can save.
  • Comprehensive Introduction – Fee lectures from Princeton university. Many topics are covered in great detail. So like they say: “Don’t panic, just learn!”.

Various Statistics

  • CryptoMiso – Analyses Github repositories of many crypto projects and sorts them according to their activity. Quick way to check the health status of your favourite coins.
  • DataLight – Extremely detailed statistics and analysis of various crypto related fields. Also check their blog where they regularly post interesting updates.
  • Stablecoin index – As the title says, it’s the stablecoin index. The statistics might or might not surprise you. Data goes back to February 2018.
  • Coin360 – Nice, boxed market overview. You probably seen us use their data for our Crypto Week in Review reports.
  • Coin Metrics – Provide many useful statistics that are not commonly available elsewhere. NVT ratio, average transaction value, correlations and many more charts are free to use.
  • CoinGossip – Tracks and analyses data from Reddit, Twitter and 4chan. Results are displayed in nice pie charts.


  • TradingView – Crypto traders playground. First thing they open in the morning and last thing they close before sleep. The best free crypto charting platform.
  • Coinigy – Paid TradingView alternative. There is no free option available, only free 30 day trial.
  • Cointrader – Charting platform that uses TradingView charts and CMC as data provider.
  • Skew – Useful graphs for (Bitmex) traders.
  • Trading Room – Automatic price action and trading indicator (RSI for now) scanner. Currently supports Binance only.
  • Babypips – New to trading and don’t know where to start? School of Pipsology is one of the most widely recommended starting guides.


  • WhatToMine – Lists coin by their mining profitability and provides various GPU/ASIC calculators. The most popular mining site.
  • Mining Pools List – CMC for low cap POW coins. It lists all public pools available for specific coin and provides various mining statistics.
  • Pool Explorer – Similar to the site mentioned above. It has wide coin selection and a bit nicer interface.
  • NiceHash – The biggest hashrate marketplace. It is the place to be whether you want to rent or buy some hashrate.
  • Mining Rig Rentals – Similar to NiceHash but you can only rent full rigs and the fees are a bit higher. They have a wider algorithm selection.
  • HashTap – Relatively new hash renting service designed for spec miners that want to mine coins with obscure algorithms. Hashpower is coming from Zpool. You pay the price you see, there are no additional fees for starting or canceling “taps”.

Bitcoin (₿)

  • Bitnodes – Pings all active Bitcoin nodes and displays them on a map. According to their data, there are currently 10149 nodes online and most are located in the USA. Let’s see how this number will age.
  • Bitcoin Optech Dashboards – Various graph porn built on the open source Grafana platform.
  • 1ML – Deep analysis and a search engine for the Bitcoin Lightning Network.
  • Coin Dance – Graphical hashrate comparison of Bitcoin and its main forks. Also, it provides profitability calculator and some other statistics.
  • Bitvol – Provides Bitcoin price volatility statistics for various time periods.
  • – Various BTC vs BCH statistics.
  • Outputs today – More insightful statistics when compared to plain daily transaction numbers since Bitcoin uses UTXO model. Check this article if you are not sure how UTXO concept works in practice.
  • Energy Consumption Index – Wondering how much electricity Bitcoin consumes? Find approximate answer here.
  • TX Accelerator – You used low transaction fee and now your transaction is stuck in the Bitcoin mempool? Try this free service to get it moving.
  • Satoshi calculator – Nice and simple satoshi to Bitcoin or USD calculator.
  • Rich List – Detailed Bitcoin rich list statistics and insights. Find out who are the biggest holders and what are they doing with their stashes.

Bitcoin Block Explorers

  • Blockstream – Nice and simple block explorer with a dark theme.
  • Blockchain – Probably the most popular Bitcoin block explorer.
  • OXT – Different block explorer from the Samourai wallet creators with a focus on block analysis.
  • BlockExplorer – Another clean block explorer. Use if you don’t like any of the above ones.
  • – This explorer has a nice homepage full of various Bitcoin statistics. One of the better ones.
  • SoChain – Cute explorer with nice layout and cool homepage statistics. You can see latest blocks and transactions as they happen and check the current state of Bitcoin network.
  • Wallet Explorer – Allows you to see what are exchanges, pools and various other services doing with their Bitcoin wallets. Follow the money.

Bitcoin Fees And Mempool

  • Fee Calculator – You are in a hurry and need your Bitcoin transaction confirmed as soon as possible? Visit this site before sending a transaction to get a good idea of the fee you need to use to avoid waiting for hours to get that transaction confirmed.
  • Bitcoin fees – Similar to the above with bar charts of currently used fees.
  • TradeBlock – Nice visual representation of Bitcoin mempool and the content of recent blocks.
  • Mempool Statistics – Graphical display of unconfirmed transaction count, pending transaction fees and current mempool size.
  • Unconfirmed Transactions – Watch new transactions as they happen and see how many are in the backlog currently.


  • ETH Gas Station  – Check the network status before making any ETH transaction if you want to be mindful about GAS usage and send your transaction quickly to its destination.
  • ETHstats – Various Ethereum network details updated in real time.
  • Ethernodes – Tracks Ethereum nodes and displays them on a Google map. According to their data, there are 8,580 Ethereum nodes currently active.

Ethereum (Block) Explorers

  • Etherscan – The best ETH dashboard and block explorer, also provides nice charts and statistics.
  • Bloxy – Detailed Ethereum network explorer. Provides various tools and API for analysing tokens.
  • Etherchain – Another Ethereum block explorer. This one doesn’t display any tokens.
  • Loanscan – Tracks and displays loans issued on the Ethereum network. Only two loan protocols are supported currently.

Ethereum dApp Trackers

  • DappRadar – Lists and ranks most dApps built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Provides insights into how much is Ethereum network actually used. Exchanges and a couple of gambling games are the only dApps that have some usage, others are mostly inactive.
  • DappVolume – Same as the above, but this one shows slightly different statistics and has a dark theme.
  • DEXWatch – Tracks decentralized exchanges built on top of Ethereum network and displays various statistics like their volume and daily users.

And that concludes our cryptoasset research tools and analysis resources article. We hope you found at least one useful tool that will help you in your future crypto endeavours.

MyAltcoins team,
Petar & Ana

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