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When we first entered crypto space, over a year ago, we had issues catching up with ever evolving crypto space and new, commonly used lingo. At times, we felt like we were learning a completely new language. Hence, we decided to compile this list to help newbies understand it and get up to speed in no time.
Below you will find the most comprehensive list of commonly used crypto jargon, it will help you better understand all the conversation happening on various telegram and discord channels among crypto enthusiasts.
Without further ado, let’s get started!

Crypto terms glossary

Altcoins – All cryptocurrencies and tokens which are not Bitcoin.
ATH – All time high, term used when price of particular coin reaches its all time high price point, breaking through all resistances.
ATL – All time low, term used when price of particular coin reaches its all time low price point.
Bagholder – Term for trader who bought at ATH and is now left with heavy underwater bags of altcoins he bought.
Bear – Slang for downward price movement.
Bull – Slang for upwards price movement.
BTFD – Buy the fu*king dip, buying strategy which many use with great success, includes buying every larger price dip and then selling the bounce.
Candles – Japanese candlesticks, the most popular chart style used for TA.
CMCCoin Market Cap, the most popular crypto website with curated information about most altcoins.
Crypto OG – Experienced crypto enthusiast who has been in the space for 2+ years and went through most standard crypto up’s and down’s.
DEX – Decentralized Exchange offers instant peer to peer trading in a secure and disperse manner, everything is done directly on blockchain through smart contracts which means that you are the only one in control of your funds at all times which is not the case when using centralised exchange like Binance. Another benefit that it offers is fully anonymous trading. No KYC required.
DYOR – Do your own research, the one thing you should always do before buying any altcoin or making any investment.
ERC20 – Token standard for all tokens built on Ethereum blockchain platform.
FA – Fundamental analysis, detailed analysis of specific crypto asset fundamentals based on various data like project team, idea, roadmap, token metrics, etc.
FOMO – Fear of missing out, never let it take the best of you, leave emotions out of your crypto journey, every day presents new investment opportunity, don’t be afraid of missing some trains.
FUD – Fear, uncertainty and doubt, term used for spreading false, fearful information for various reasons including price manipulation.
Hardware Wallet – Dedicated hardware wallet, used for safely storing your crypto tokens and currencies, the most popular is Nano Ledger S.
Hodl – Hold on for dear life, term used for holding coins you bought for longer periods of time no matter which price direction they take.
ICO – Initial Coin Offering, its similar to well known IPO (Initial Public Offering) but much easier to execute and with less formal requirements. All you need is some programming knowledge and internet connection to complete technical side. When you invest in ICO you get tokens instead of company shares.
KYC – Know Your Customer, required for most exchanges and ICO’s these days, usually you will need to send your personal details like ID and selfie.
MEWMy Ether Wallet, the most popular Ethereum wallet.
Moon – Crypto jargon used for 10x+ gains, one of the benefits of hodling.
Private Key – Your secret key which unlocks your wallet and gives you access to your funds, store it in a safe place and do not give it to anyone, the person who knows private key owns the funds. Think about it like your PIN number.
PoS – proof of stake consensus algorithm, first implemented in Peercoin. Green-friendly alternative to PoW described below.
PoW – proof of work consensus algorithm, pioneered by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. More info can be found here.
Public Key – This is your wallet address, use it for receiving coins, it’s different for every altcoin except the ones that are built on the same blockchain, for example all tokens built on Ethereum platform share the same address. Think of it like your bank account number (IBAN).
Rekt – Term used for being wrecked from steep price downfall after you made the trade.
SA – Sentiment Analysis, current and possible future market state analysis.
Shilling – Hyping specific coin or an ICO for various reasons.
TA – Technical Analysis, all the fancy lines, triangles and indicators you see people drawing on price action charts.
Trading View – The most popular charting platform, used for TA.
Wallet – Software used for storing, sending, receiving and managing your specific crypto asset. There are many types of wallets including paper, hardware, mobile, hot and online wallets.
Weak hands – Term used for investors who are easily manipulated (shaken out of market) into selling at a loss with the help of FUD.
Whale – Early investor who has thick crypto wallets, typically used term for 100+ bitcoin owners.

How much hidden terms can you find in the banner above?

Thanks for reading our first article,
Ana & Petar

Last updated: December 2018.

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