Crypto Week In Review #8

We have arrived successfully to the last Crypto Week In Review in this year. This week we cover some unfortunate news. On the menu we have secret premines and crash of crypto businesses in the UK. Also, we speculate about Wall Street engaging in crypto market and are we there yet. BTC Lightning Network sure made some nice progress. Furthermore, we discover how creative people become when they want to mine cryptocurrencies. Enjoy our Crypto Week In Review. We hope to see you with us next year as well!

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Private Cryptocurrencies Compilation

In our Crypto Week In Review posts we often talk about private cryptocurrencies. More importantly, it seems to us that “privacy coin” is the new buzzword. So, we decided to make this private cryptocurrencies compilation to cover some of the most popular and feature rich privacy coins. They range from market leaders to lesser known projects and all the way to low cap territory. Each section has some of our favorites. We hope you enjoy this read. Who knows, maybe it will help you decide which privacy coin best suits your needs.

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Crypto Week In Review 7 - Banner

Crypto Week In Review #7

This week has been pretty mellow with news. They were mostly positive with companies and people supporting startups. We were very surprised to see Vitalik Non-giver of Ether Buterin as one of them.  Coinbase was a lot in our news this week.  They are supporting 8 startups! Also, they are worrying about their investors security and upgrading it. Their CEO also gets a spotlight with his generosity. Everywhere we look, there is at least one crypto donation. Looks like when you’re CEO of such a big exchange, you don’t worry about any bears. Enjoy the read!

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Crypto Week In Review 6 - Banner

Crypto Week In Review #6

This week we had a variety of crypto news. Firstly, we have big companies working on blockchain technology and taking bigger steps forward, such as Facebook, PayPal and UNICEF. Secondly, stablecoins just might be the new buzzword. However, there are always bad news. We see some new violent threats. People would do anything to get their hands on Bitcoin these days. As always, enjoy the read of the latest news!

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Crypto Week In Review 5 - Banner

Crypto Week In Review #5

Another Week In Review, brought to you by MyAltcoins. In the past week crypto and ICOs had some more turbulence with SEC, but this time it came as a victory for crypto! We also bring some exciting news about adopting blockchain technology in EU and the inevitable VanEck Bitcoin ETF final deadline. And let us not forget about the recent milestone from r/Bitcoin! Tune in and enjoy the read.

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Crypto Week In Review 4 - Banner

Week In Review #4

Another Week In Review, full of fresh news from our beloved crypto world. This week we will talk a lot about mining since there are bunch of things happening in this particular area, Pomp’s analysis for Bitcoin, as always some fraud and regulations talk and lots of other interesting stories. Enjoy the read!

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