Crypto Week In Review #21

Last week of March brought us some exciting news, let’s see which topics we go through in this week’s Crypto Week In Review. We start the week with the Veriblock launch – a project which piqued a lot of interest, mostly because of clogging Bitcoin’s blockchain. This week there was a lot of talk about exchanges. KuCoin had an interesting partnership to bring credit cards to their platform. Taotao is a new exchange, 40 % of its shares are owned by Yahoo!Japan and there is the unfortunate possible Bithumb hack. We also bring the sad news of Nanex shutting down forever. Read all of these and some more interesting news in our latest report!

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Crypto Week In Review #20

We are happy to present another Crypto Week In Review. This week we have a few really interesting news to discuss. The Tie platform had a very interesting and slightly concerning research about trading volumes exchanges report. After the big hack, Cryptopia is back in business, at least partially. Beloved (crypto) social network, Twitter, has some exciting news! Square is looking to hire blockchain engineers and Jack Dorsey is reaching out to the community. Learn about the new product Lightning Network brings – Lightning Loop. We bring you all this and a lot more, in our 20th Crypto Week In Review! Enjoy.

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Zano Coin Logo

Zano Coin Review – The Ultimate Privacy?

One of the best-kept secrets and one of the most anticipated coin launches is nearing. You probably wouldn’t be able to guess what we are talking about if you didn’t read the title. One big Twitter account with a large following mentioned it a while ago. Bitcointalk thread was posted in December 2018, but somehow it still flew under most people radars. Let’s explore the topic in this Zano coin review.

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Scalability Battle

Nyzo vs. Lightning Network vs. Nano

Slow confirmation times and transaction fees that are growing along with the adoption are plaguing Bitcoin network. Improving said issues on the main layer proved to be difficult due to various roadblocks. Developing second layer solutions seems like the logical step towards solving those problems. But how viable are those solutions and are there better options available? This article assesses some of the available scaling solutions that enable micropayments and provide extremely fast finality. Initially, we only wanted to compare Nyzo vs Nano but decided to add Lightning Network to this interesting mix. Read on to find out who is winning the scalability battle.

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Crypto Week In Review #19

Latest Crypto Week In Review is out, so don’t forget to read your copy! This week has been kind of mellow as if we are in the calm before the storm. Bitcoin, are you sending us some kind of subtle messages? Nonetheless, we still dug up some news worthy of attention and a read. Monero has been having a tough time lately, with hard forks trying to eliminate ASIC miners. It seems they managed to do the job. However, their hashrate suffered a lot. We are excited that one of the MimbleWimble projects shows further progress and development, as GRIN gets a third full-time developer. ETH ProgPoW Mining Change is also on the way – better check out what Ethereum developers are trying to do with the new algorithm. Read about all this and much more below!

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Top 3 Android Bitcoin Wallets

Google Play Store is full of various Bitcoin wallets. It can be challenging to choose the right option, especially for new users. We will review three wallet apps that we believe are the best among the bunch. Criteria we used for selecting candidates was based on Play Store ratings (minimum of 4 stars), wallet features, user-friendliness, and security. Security is hard to gauge properly, but all of them should be roughly at the same level, with one exception that is leading the pack. Frequent updates also fall into this category and are a must.

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