Crypto Week In Review #25

Welcome to the newest issue of Crypto Week In Review – last one in April. This week we explore a variety of topics. It is always nice to see crypto being used in a variety of situations — this time we see crypto in a charitable campaign called AirDrop Venezuela. We do a follow-up on Binance DEX which had a smooth launch. More and more speculations come up about Samsung stepping up into the world of crypto. If they truly do, this could potentially be huge for general cryptocurrency development. One other thing we talk about is the newest Wirex and Stellar partnership. Tether and Bitfinex had a scandalous week, so we decided to cover that in the simplest way possible. Is it just us or any time Tether is mentioned, it is somehow in a negative light? Read all this and much more in our Crypto Week In Review!

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Crypto Week In Review #24

Welcome to the Easter edition of our Crypto Week In Review! Happy holidays, to everyone that celebrates. This week we bring a lot of novelties! We see a first live game of BTC clue hunt. The reward for the winner is 1 million dollars in BTC! Do you plan to play? Another thing we’re happy to (finally) see is a CMC app for Android, and a revamp for iOS users. We keep tracking Nyzo, so we bring some updates about the project, be sure to stay in tune. Monero also celebrates its 5th birthday! That project has been around for a while now, and it has a strong community behind it. Read all of this and more in our latest Crypto Week In Review!

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PHL Interview

Today we are piloting a new format on MyAltcoins. Instead of diving in and reviewing Placeholders (PHL) we decided to sit with brewhaus – PHL team member and get first-hand information. PHL recently celebrated its first birthday which makes this a perfect moment for an interview. Brewhaus will present what has PHL accomplished so far and what are the future plans. Sit back and enjoy the PHL interview.

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Crypto Week In Review #23

A lot was going on last week, and we cover the most important news in the newest edition of Crypto Week In Review. We start off with some bad news – Electrum has been compromised again in another DoS attack. Also, we have to mention some news regarding an interesting meme project – BANANO, a fork of NANO. PewDiePie, a famous streamer signed a deal to stream on a blockchain-based streaming platform, showing everyone again how crypto and gaming community are connected. Another exciting piece of news arrives from Coinbase. They have made a partnership with Visa and announced a debit card called Coinbase Card. Read all of this and some more drama that unrevealed in an interesting and unexpected way!

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Crypto Week In Review #22

We are happy to present to our readers another edition of Crypto Week In Review. We start the week with a lot of news from Nano – new listings and project funding for the next 18 months. VBK IEO sale went live and sold out in record 10 seconds. However, people aren’t happy with the price progress of VBK. has its own token now, called Gatechain Token. We also follow-up the story of the Lightning Torch, which is sadly coming to an end. In this weekly report, we also add a comment regarding Article 11 and 13 because we just had to say something about this development. Enjoy the read!

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TE-FOOD Review

TE-FOOD (TFD) captured our interest last year during its ICO phase. In the end, we didn’t participate, and kind of forgot about it. In this TE-FOOD review, we will revisit and examine what are they trying to achieve and the progress they made since then. Like most other projects, it is currently trading way below ICO price. We will try to examine some of the fundamentals and help you decide if TE-FOOD is worth your attention.

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