Crypto Week In Review #28

Welcome to the newest Crypto Week In Review. This week, unfortunately, we continue in a similar fashion and the main news of the week is the Cryptopia hack culmination – liquidation. We take a moment to revisit the hack, results of it, and the brief period of the Cryptopia activity after the hack. In the end, the hack was too big for the exchange to handle it. We also visit some of the happenings this week like Ledger Nano X first shipment and a threat unpatched Ethereum clients pose. Also, Bitfinex and Tether drama continues as New York Supreme Court orders freezing all USDT transfers to Bitfinex. Enjoy this edition of Crypto Week In Review.

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Crypto Week In Review #27

After some discussions and community feedback, we decided it is time to change how our Crypto Week In Review reports look like. Previously we would briefly discuss the most important happening of the day, and we would do that for every day in the week. While it was nice to get a preview of the entire week, we didn’t have enough space to get into some things in greater detail. With this change, we can pick the most relevant information (or two) and discuss it in a more thorough and detailed fashion. Welcome to the fresh new format, we hope you enjoy the read. As you can all already guess, this week we talk about the big Binance hack.

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Zano Interview

We already wrote about Zano in our pre-mainnet launch review. As a follow-up, we present you an interview with Crypjunkie – Zano team member. We asked questions that should serve as a nice complement to our Zano review and answer some common questions that new users often ask on social media. Without further ado, let’s get started with the Zano interview. Enjoy the read.

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Crypto Week In Review #26

We are happy to share another Crypto Week In Review! As always, we bring you a variety of news, fresh off the stands. We talk a bit about Bottle; a Bitcoin browser used to upload files. Did you know you can actually upload files to the Bitcoin blockchain? We also celebrate Nano’s 5th birthday with some novelties from this cryptocurrency. Bitfinex continues its plans like Tether scandal didn’t happen. Now they announce they will be having an IEO for their token called LEO. We are curious to see how this will culminate. We also mention Shellbot malware update and what threat it poses for miners. Enjoy our #26 review of the happenings in crypto space!

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Mochimo Banner

Mochimo – Quantum Resistant Cryptocurrency Review

One of the greatest threats to all current encryption algorithms, including the ones used by the vast majority of cryptocurrencies are impending quantum computers. How will they affect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Is there a solution? Bear with us as we scratch the surface of quantum depths and attempt to answer and provide insight to those concerns. The following intro will serve as a prelude to a fully fledged Mochimo – quantum resistant cryptocurrency review.

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Crypto Week In Review #25

Welcome to the newest issue of Crypto Week In Review – last one in April. This week we explore a variety of topics. It is always nice to see crypto being used in a variety of situations — this time we see crypto in a charitable campaign called AirDrop Venezuela. We do a follow-up on Binance DEX which had a smooth launch. More and more speculations come up about Samsung stepping up into the world of crypto. If they truly do, this could potentially be huge for general cryptocurrency development. One other thing we talk about is the newest Wirex and Stellar partnership. Tether and Bitfinex had a scandalous week, so we decided to cover that in the simplest way possible. Is it just us or any time Tether is mentioned, it is somehow in a negative light? Read all this and much more in our Crypto Week In Review!

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