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Zel Crypto Project – One Cryptocurrency Powering Multiple Ambitious Crypto Projects

Community voice was clear, Zel won our poll, and we are pleased to announce Zel crypto project as our newest altcoin spotlight. With a good reason, we don’t call Zel just a cryptocurrency since the team is working on a variety of crypto projects. Previously you might have heard of Zel as ZelCash. However, they have dropped the Cash – it is just Zel now. Zel branches into two parts. Zel Foundation (Zel Technologies GmbH) – a private company and Zel open source project that is funded by the community. Let’s crack the hood of the Zel crypto project and see what it has to offer.

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Alpha Algo – Automated Trading Platform Review

Trading can be a very risky and aggravating task. Acquiring necessary skills and knowledge is a time consuming and often expensive task. Many users are searching for a set and forget solution. Alpha Algo is precisely that. It offers a growing selection of trading algorithms and a platform that automatically executes trades based on specific, personalized strategies. Each user can fine-tune various parameters and find winning combination based on his unique style.

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Altcoin Spotlight – Banano Review

In this altcoin spotlight, we would like to turn lights on a cryptocurrency called Banano. Even though Banano is a meme fork of Nano, what the team behind the coin is doing is something we don’t often see in other projects. From the organized competitions, and giveaways which keep the community alive on an entirely different level, to mining using folding@home platform. If you haven’t heard about Banano before, this is a perfect spotlight corner for you to get to know more. Enjoy the Banano spotlight.

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Altcoin Spotlight – Cruzbit

Welcome to our newest format – Altcoin Spotlight! We will aim to post a new report once or twice per month, depending on time and available resources. Altcoin Spotlight will cover various altcoins with a focus on new coin launches. We will try to summarize the most important points of various altcoins that we find interesting or worthy of attention. Since this series is new on MyAltcoins, we figured it was only appropriate to start it with the introduction of a fresh, new altcoin on the block – Cruzbit! Cruzbit is a coin which recently surfaced but is already getting a lot of traction. Without further ado, let’s see what Cruzbit is all about!

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Free Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing – A Myth Or A Reality?

In this case study, we examine if building a good project is enough to get listed on cryptocurrency exchanges free of charge or if such a feat is even possible. Very often, we see projects having large premines and/or founders block reward cut. Expensive cryptocurrency exchange listings are the recurrently used rationale. Is it justified or quality projects can find their way to free cryptocurrency exchange listing? Information presented below should provide a solid overview of this topic.

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Finest Selection Of Crypto Discords

Staying in the loop with all that is happening can be a bit rough on your own. This is why, like in any other field, crypto has a lot of communities. There are a lot of Telegram groups, Discord servers, and various crypto forums. Some are public, while others are private or paid groups. Even though Discord is primarily a platform for gamers, because of its multi practical design and efficient organization, it is great for crypto purposes. Most altcoins have communities led by developers and core teams, and it is a great place to ask any question and stay in the loop with your favorite currency. But crypto Discords go beyond that. There are a lot of communities that are managed by people passionate about crypto, altcoins, mining, and everything this vast space has to offer. In this post, we bring a list of our favorite crypto Discords that everyone can join.

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