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Our Crypto Twitter Following List

Finding good information on crypto can be a challenge in the beginning. Soon people realize how social media is a form of a blessing and a course in this particular case. Yes, there are a lot of articles about news in crypto world but you can never be too sure if a certain ICO team payed for such a positive review or did the developers of a certain coin pay for a promotion. This is why people turn to various forums, social media pages and various other sites, where a vast number of people write somewhat unbiasedly. They don’t just write facts, they discuss, make you think and help you find red flags in various projects and maybe help save the state of your portfolio. The most popular and useful ones are (in no particular order): Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Bitcointalk and others. It’s usually already a site with a lot of people posting about numerous other topics, but they also have a huge crypto community. We will focus on Twitter in this article.

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Practical Use Of Blockchain Technology

A lot of people are very pessimistic and skeptic about blockchain being the new technology we all want and need. These people only see crypto as a bunch of virtual 0s and 1s that can’t be used as real money or currency for exchange of goods. They probably don’t see beyond their own profit and don’t really care about crypto, only about their own portfolio. (Might I add, they are probably to blame for this bear market we’re in.) However, I’m very happy to be a part of a system where I use blockchain technology daily. I’m not talking about my trading, mining or taking part in ICOs and such, but about a regular day job.

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How To Buy Your First Altcoin

These days everyone knows about crypto, or at least they’ve seen Bitcoin popping up in news, on various portals and mentioned among colleagues. This peaks your interest and you can’t be the only one not to know about this crypto phenomenon. You do some digging around to find out what it is and grasp the basic concept of cryptocurrencies to find out that there is a whole world of altcoins out there. Each represents something, they have various possible usages and some of them look really interesting. In the end, you decide to get your feet wet in this innovative financial world that is strange and intimidating at first. If you are unsure how to do that, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will explain everything you need to know about buying your first altcoin.

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Crypto Jargon

When we first entered crypto space, over a year ago, we had issues catching up with ever evolving crypto space and new, commonly used lingo. At times, we felt like we were learning a completely new language. Hence, we decided to compile this list to help newbies understand it and get up to speed in no time. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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