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Week In Review #3

Due to big Bitcoin and altcoin drops, in this Week In Review we will mostly cover market at the moment, compare November this year to previous years but also bring some positive news about exciting future projects, such as Bakkt Futures. Of course, there are unavoidable news about fraud and hacks that we can’t seem to avoid. Enjoy the read!

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Week In Review #2

Another Week In Review brought to you by MyAltcoins! Past week had some exciting news about BTC ATMs, scams, interesting news from IBM, long awaited bch fork and others. Click to find out hottest news and don’t forget to tune in for the next week.

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Mining can be challenging in the beginning. There are a lot of software’s on the market and most of them are not easy to set up. For beginners we would recommend “plug and play” miners like Honeyminer. All the same, Honeyminer is also a solid option for people who have a mining rig and want to keep it on hassle free autopilot and ensure constant profit.

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Exchange Tokens – Part One

During the last bull market exchange tokens like BNB from Binance and KCS from Kucoin experienced enormous growth in price. BNB did around 10x while KCS exploded by 40x. Binance became world’s largest exchange by cumulative daily volume and Kucoin became famous for their quick ICO token listings. Each of the two aforementioned exchanges had the right balance of key things which insured parabolic growth. In this article we will explore their competition and try to narrow down which ones could be their main contenders. BNB is the prime example so we will compare all others to their model and features.

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Week In Review #1

Every week, every day, even every hour there are interesting turbulences in crypto world and sometimes it is hard to track all that is happening. Various new partnerships are being made with top 10 coins, new scams are discovered and new technologies are being invented. We will try to cover most important and most interesting news that are out there with these Week In Reviews reports so that you can always stay on track!

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We’ve recently discovered interesting new proof of work cryptocurrency, a coin called BitCash. It’s still flying under the radar, genesis block was mined only a few weeks ago. Its not yet listed on Coinmarketcap, bitcointalk announcement hasn’t been created yet and the marketing hasn’t really started. Their discord server has only 450 members. We might be early on the potential gem. But let’s explore it further.

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