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Who Are We?

We are a couple of crypto enthusiasts who have been closely following the said space since the July of 2017. It has been a highly engaging journey with many ups and downs, pumps and dumps, scams and profits, hodling and fomo buying. Much like love, crypto is a fickle thing.
We first heard about Bitcoin in its infancy, way, way back. When IRC was the go-to communication channel for Internet gurus, and when the likes of Telegram and Discord didn’t exist. Can you imagine investing then? Just putting 50 bucks – you would normally spend on a pair of shoes or a concert ticket – in the future that would forever be secured.

But, don’t feel too bad if you didn’t invest way back then. Chances are if you bought some Bitcoin then or even some years later, you wouldn’t have them today – exchanges get hacked, keys get lost, USB sticks get misplaced or formatted.
This is why we believe age of cryptoassets is now. MyAltcoins is here to help promote it.

Why MyAltcoins?

We hope to create a source of information for anybody and everybody. For people who are new to crypto, for more experienced users who are hungry for new knowledge and for people who are just looking for some more info about ICOs or the current state of the market. If someone claims to know everything there is to know about crypto and blockchain, they are lying. Firstly, this is such an unpredictable field, where anything can change in a mere second. Secondly, every day new things pop up and new projects are presented. Crypto is a field in which you can learn neverendingly.

I don’t know if you guys heard about the joke that is connected to crypto. People saying “Oh, I’m not in this for the profits. I’m in this for the technology.” 🙂 Of course we’re here for the profits. But, the two of us actually believe in technology cryptoassets bring and develop.
Thus, on this site, we will be publishing various things: tutorials for newbies, our opinions connected to crypto, ICO reviews and anything else that comes to our minds concerning cryptosphere.

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Ana & Petar

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We are not financial or legal advisors, nor are we qualified to give such advice. We are not giving investment or financial advice.
It is important to clarify the risk that is associated with participating in cryptocurrency investments. All decisions made in regards to investing should be your own and not based on our opinions reflected in articles or reviews. We are not responsible for any gains or losses that result from the opinions we express.

Please, always do your own due diligence.